Stuck in traffic...

Remember how I mentioned construction in my first post? Well, today I got stuck in a traffic jam because of the road construction:

and then I got lost in an obscure part of the city - suburbs of suburbs of suburbs and then somewhere behind that - which is being built (roads and houses)... my car was NOT made for that road!!! :-/

PS. The photos were taken with my Nokia N78 and through the windshield...



Yes, I know it's not Zagreb, but Barcelona, its architecture and vibes and Catalan people left such a wonderful impression on me, that I just have to share it with you. These photos are just a few (out of 800+) I took during the past few days. If you find yourself in Spain, Barcelona is a must!

A detail from a house (don't know the name, but it reminds me of a gingerbread house) in Park Guell:

Barceloneta's "whale":

RESPECT CACTUS! :-) (entrance to Park Guell):

Park Guell... again... yes, I do love Gaudi:

You're almost afraid to sit on these...

Church on Tibidabo:

A detail from the church:


Today's and bonus photos...

Since I'm leaving on a short trip to Barcelona tomorrow, here are extra Zagreb photos for each day I'll be gone. New photos are coming on Monday! :)

Today's photo - probably one of the most photographed and recognizable spots (opposite of the train station) in Zagreb... Art's pavilion in the background and the equestrian statue with Croatian first king Tomislav (925AD) on the horse:

Thursday's photo - a detail on an old building in Radiceva street:

Friday's photo - arcades as an entrance to Zagreb's main cemetery, Mirogoj:

Saturday's photo - a gargoyle on Zagreb's Cathedral (finished in 1217AD):

Sunday's photo - inside the Cathedral:

An extra bonus photo - Croatian National Theater (1895):


Tucked away in green heaven

The view from my apartment's balcony in a residential area... busy city life with cars, trams and people bustling around seems far away, as I'm nicely hidden behind trees and a park. The trees also block the noise from one of the busiest avenues in Zagreb which is only 3min walk away...


Clouds above...

The summer has suddenly vanished and temperatures dropped from over 30C (~100F) to chilly 13C (~60F)... ominous clouds over Zagreb's mountain and the fortress Medvedgrad say it all....


The construction time has come...

Every summer for a couple of months, Zagreb becomes a huge construction site, with the streets, parks, avenues etc. being rebuilt or built from scratch. The colorful cranes are a new touch...