Left by chance?

City company which takes care of all the green areas in the city was very busy mowing, cutting, mowing, more mowing... by chance, or maybe on purpose, these were left alone:


Clouds, clouds, ominous clouds || Bonus trip photo: staircase

After scorching heat of temperatures over 35C and high humidity, we finally have a promise of cool night and good sleep:

Bonus trip photo comes from Rome; staircases are not ordinary there:

This one is at the Vatican Museums...


Maksimir heaven 3

Again, near the entrance to the ZOO:


Maksimir heaven 2

Just a random and a bit more elaborate arbor near the ZOO:


Maksimir heaven 1

The largest park in Zagreb, Maksimir, on the hillsides of mountain Medvednica is a true heaven these days, when the temperatures reach 35C or over (cca. 100F). With area of 316ha, it contains lakes, streams, patches of forest, long pathway for strolling, jogging, biking,.... and the ZOO.

Here's the main path that leads from the main entrance to the view point:


Croatian National Theater

IMHO, the outside doesn't do the justice to the glorious interior:


Hidden treasure

Next to a window in the Upper town is this lonely wild flower:



Behind Zagreb's central train station ("Glavni kolodvor") is the inevitable sight: