Winter time is my favorite photo-op time for sunsets:


Monster attack!

My Dad loves art and is really good at it. Every now and then, his creativity emerges in the kitchen where Mom's fantastic meals get weird creatures as an extra. This year's so-called French salad had a monster on top (PS. I don't believe this is a typical thing for Zagreb or Croatia, but it might be global :)...):


Nativity scene

In the church Sv. Blaž, an old nativity scene is on display at the moment. It was made in 1915 and is quite impressive:


More glitter...


Glittery boot

Continuing on with my glittery Xmas tree decor:


Glittery candles I

My holiday-themed candles have irresistible glitter all over...


Merry Xmas!

A typical Zagreb Xmas tree decor is a heart, called "licitarsko srce", and with it, I wish you warm Xmas filled with love and family.... well, Xmas food and cookies too... ;-)


Xmas tree

My tiny Xmas tree is ready and a bit overwhelmed with huge decoration reserved for the last year's large Xmas tree. Nevertheless, it's cute, on a tabouret and a dotted laptop pad courtesy of IKEA :)


Fir scent

Since I use an artificial Xmas tree, I usually grab a branch or two from a nearby Xmas tree sellers to make sure the fantastic fir scent is omnipresent in the apartment. This year, I grabbed a few quite large branches, one for each room, two of which were large enough to get proper decoration:


Defying gravity

Icicles seemingly defying gravity:



A back alley near the local power station, bright white fresh snow squeaking under my boots (taken on Dec 9th)... I love winter!



Dew drops


Dandelion & dew drops: take 2

... just a bit closer... and inverted colors filter applied.


Oldtimer series: Citroen 2CV or locally known as spaček

Do you remember this one? My parents owned it when I was a toddler. It was a great little car with the affinity to make you seasick very fast if you were going on a windy road. Maybe that's why I never had any such problems, I became resilient as a baby/toddler :)


Dandelion & dew drops: take 1

Cool down time is fun during foggy days! So many photo-ops (even if they are taken only by the cell phone camera! :)


Oldtimer series: Ford F100 pickup

I'm not 100% sure, but this one looks like a 1956 Ford F100. If I got it wrong, please let me know... thanks!


Find the trees!

Hint: they're only 100m away from where I was taking the photo. 


Oldtimer series: motorized carriage

Dating from 19th ct.:


Fog series: all alone

My weekend early morning runs (OK, not THAT early, this was taken at 7:49AM) nowadays looks like this... it's just me, the road, and my music. What a way to physically and psychologically recover!


Oldtimer series: definitely not an oldtimer: Rimac Concept One

This one is the brand new, Concept One, 1000HP electric car (I'd love to see Top Gear testing it!):


Find the ducks!

How many of you can spot the ducks on the lake - yes, there really is a lake right in front, in the pea-soup-fog? Hint: there are only two, the rest are probably dirt spots on your computer screen :)


Oldtimer series: e-M3 by Rimac

This September, a car show of sorts was held on one of the peninsulas on the lake Jarun. Among the new cars, there were some fantastic oldtimers.

Our local kid-genius, Mate Rimac, converted his BMW M3 series into an incredibly fast fully electric car:


Rujanfest = music&food fest

Every September, Zagreb hosts Rujanfest (Rujan=September), an open-air fest full of various food from different regions of Croatia, with many live performances and music genres. This photo shows carps being prepared traditional way, as they do in the eastern part of Croatia - Osijek, Vukovar, Ilok... On the interesting note, northwestern Indians (e.g. those in WA, USA) prepare the salmon the exact same way :)


The lake series: Jarun X - cafe terrace view

Each year, after the summer holidays (usually spent on the Croatian coast), we all get nostalgic and look for sea-like spots to relive the holidays (or at least holiday views). This is the view from the Aquarius terrace towards the small lake:


The lake series: Jarun IX - beach chairs

These beach chairs are waiting for hot sunny summer days and less flooding:


The lake series: Jarun VIII - flooded

Flooded detail: