My lamp!

This little guy was making it very clear this lamp was his, and his only:


Spider attack

The blue spider truck in action, picking up irresponsible driver's car who thought parking on a sidewalk was a good idea:

Once the car is picked up, it's taken to a large parking lot. For every day your car is there, your fine goes up (starting at around 200EUR or $250) and you cannot pick up the car without paying... quite efficient way of dealing with (and teaching) people who think they're somehow entitled to park wherever they please.


Twirls in iron

Fancy iron work:



I always feel happiness as I exit Oktogon passageway - seeing the sunny weather, cafes, flower stands at the "Flower Square"... Very elaborate iron work at the exit/entrance helps the feeling too.


An ode to an overlooked tree

I bet this tree always gets overlooked because of the background. Here's my ode to the overlooked tree:





Classrooms and their walls used to be quite dull when I was a kid. Classrooms in the school where I attend Italian lessons recently got flowery walls with purple/black details:



My nutty neighbors aside, fire always makes a wonderful photo-op:


Public fire safety

My neighbors have certainly failed that test. Today they decided to light up a fire in their small back yard to burn some of the planks used while working on the house- Their house is surrounded by my building, neighboring houses and whole lot of trees and bushes and wooden fences. I'm on the second floor and the fire went above my eye level... not to mention a 4-5 year old kid sitting on a swing set nearby.... absolutely crazy!


Heritage || Bonus trip photo: Bikes!

This old house is considered a historical heritage, and no-one is allowed to build anything on its land or change it. While these types of houses can still be seen in villages near Zagreb, this one is probably unique in the city suburbs (on the mountain hillsides):

Bonus trip photo: Bikes!

First of all, sorry about my silence, I've been traveling quite a bit and most of the photos were uploaded using the scheduler.

My latest travel took me to Groningen, the Netherlands (by car, cca 1400km one way), where I lived for 2.5 years. Groningen is truly a city made for bikes, and Groningen's CS (main train station) has a huge bike parking lot right in front of it.


Light at the end of the tunnel

Another one from the warehouse. This time, it gives you a view of the inside of one (bottom) piece of a huge reflector-post (like those on football stadiums):


Symmetry 2


Symmetry 1

Another photo from the company's warehouse:

Stuff in my house isn't this symmetrical!


American bowling

A friend of mine, showing off his bowling skills. I wasn't too bad either ;-)


A hint...

... of what lies ahead... Colorful roof of St. Marko's church peeking between the buildings:


Designated driver...

I was the designated driver for some people in the previous photo. 2 years in the US trained me well :). The glass is filled with still mineral water...



That wine was quite strong, my friend was seeing double and it shows:


All the nuts and bolts...

The photos are pretty self-explanatory :)

The photos were taken during my visit to one of the warehouse lots at the company I work in.


May theme day: Statues - Marija Juric Zagorka

Marija Juric Zagorka, taking a stroll along Tkalciceva street, while imagining her new mistery/crime novel:

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