Christmas Eve...

All is ready for the Xmas Eve in my home:

A typical Xmas Eve (day) here usually starts with a normal stress amount, getting everything ready, decorating the tree, cleaning the house, making lunch/dinner. The main traditional meal of the day is cod fish, usually cooked with potatoes (a row of potato slices, a row of cod fish, and it repeats several times) in olive oil, garlic, white wine and a bit of fresh parsley. Appetizer is either tuna pate or, this year, I made cod fish pate served with warm bread that was baked a bit in the oven right before the serving, and my parents made octopus salad. Xmas is usually spent with family and close friends.

How do you celebrate/get ready for holidays if you celebrate Xmas/Hannukah/New Year?

Happy holidays!



Today's weather can only be described as nuts... the day started off with temperatures around 14C (57F), only to change completely to close to freezing, with hail, rain and in the end - snow:


Mary and the baby

Remember this post? Hilda asked me to post the photo of the sacred painting which survived the Stone Gate fire in 17th century. Well, here it is:



This Molokai, albeit a very cosy cafe on the Catherine's square in the Old town, is no match to the Hawaiian island:



A detail from the top of the Croatian National Theater building:


December Theme Day: Time

Time has definitely passed for these water lilies' seeds:

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