Almost a mirror


Lake rush hour

A rowing competition created a huge rush hour on the lake... I can't figure out how they manage to do anything with so many rowers in each lane.


Dandelion with a view

Watching over all rowers, this dandelion has a true "house" with a view.


In bloom

The flowers (just as the people) couldn't wait for the real spring to show up. Every grassy patch is full of tiny blue, purple and yellow flowers.


Leave me alone

Local swans have become quite spoiled, once they realize you don't have any food in your hands, they immediately turn their backs and swim away:





Yay! Finally, my yesterday's run was filled with sunshine. Risking cell phone's camera CCD by taking the photo of the Sun directly, I took a photo of these few rowers just about to start a short race:



Yesterday evening brought everyone a tiny glimpse of blueish sky between the clouds.



Does anyone know what this type of rowing is called - one leg in front, the body weight is on another knee, and they're not sitting? I don't even know the name for it in my own language...


Runner's POV

I went for a run yesterday. It took 5 layers of clothing to make me feel comfy. This morning's snow didn't stay on the ground and I decided that was good enough for me to get out of the house. Apparently, everyone thought the same and the paths around the Jarun lake were packed, even though it was freezing and misty. 
It paid off, I FEEEEEL GOOD:


Easter tradition

Easter days, besides the religious parts, are days to meet with your family and overeat - especially on Easter - starting with breakfast, continuing to lunch and then desert. This whole food craziness usually starts around 9-10AM and lasts until 6-7PM (with maybe 2hrs in total that don't include food). Traditional breakfast includes cooked ham, hard boiled eggs, radishes, horse radish, cottage cheese, spring onions, and pinca. Before breakfast, rakija is offered to the guests. Rakija (the bottle in the bottom of the photo) is a very strong alcoholic beverage (>40% alcohol) made out of any type of fruit or vine. Of course, the best rakija is usually the home made one - the one we managed to get is 14yo rakija made out of plums, aged in a mulberry barrel. At the very start of the breakfast, each person picks one egg and hits the egg pf the person closest to you. Whoever's egg shell stays whole after the hitting process, they go on to another person's egg. The "winner egg" is put aside for the next round. Here's my parents' dining room table all ready for my cousin and her family to arrive: