Take a walk with me - Upper town - Katarina's square

Even though your whole attention while on this square will be on the St. Cathrine's church, I urge you to look around and enjoy random details of renovated facades, lamps and flowers:


Zagreb's folklore clothing

Waiting for numerous tourists with a smile on her face, this patient lady depicts the typical old Zagreb folklore clothing. Notice her umbrella, these are everywhere in Zagreb, our largest open market, Dolac, has dozens of those (e.g. one of my older posts - Time machine - I'm seeing red):



Yeah, I think we can call this a storm (btw, there's a mountain in the background):


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Strossmartre

Looking a bit back towards the creepy sailor and the mermaid, we can also enjoy local artists' paintings:


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Finally!

It was worth taking a stroll towards the Lotrscak tower as the best views of Zagreb are here (I'd also recommend climbing up to the tower's top for 360 view):


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Mermaid

Just a few steps ahead, lost sailor might find a mermaid. To be perfectly honest, this one creeps me out....


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Lost sailor & monkeys

Continuing the walk along Strossmartre, or Strossmayer's promenade, we come upon an improv cafe, waiting for summer/fall/spring festivals. For whatever reason, the lost sailor found his way to Zagreb's improv cafe:


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Strossmartre

This little guy hides on one of the facades when approaching the famous Lotrscak tower:


Take a walk with me - Upper town - Mesnicka/Strossmartre

Take a walk with me series will contain random photos of things you would probably miss on your first visit to Zagreb. It's a walk you could easily recreate on your visit to Zagreb...

So c'mon, take a walk with me, we're going to climb to the Upper town from Mesnicka street using the famous Strossmayer's promenade:



Nearby mountain Plesivica has been playing peek-a-boo the whole afternoon:


An unexpected discovery

Just a random business trip to Slovenia, company's car, and in one of the door compartments, there it was. I just can't figure out what one might use it for in a car... Btw, if you're wondering, it's Bonnie Tyler's "It's a heartache"/Got so used to lovin' you" 7'' vinyl. :)


Slow approach

I love apring/summer storms, as long a s I'm not outside, but I get to enjoy them from my home. This one's approaching slowly....