Unknown origin || Sea, sunset,.....

I found this photo showing a detail on a building. I have no idea which building that's supposed to be, but I like it nonetheless :)

A weekend in Istria a few weeks ago... one of the days ended with this:


Beauty mark

This window, with old and not so well kept shutters, has its beauty mark - the red flower (poppy?):


Just another corner?

A corner of a building in the Old town was made as a sculpture, to honor Matija Gubec:


Got crumbs? || Bonus photo: Sirmione's view of the Alps (Italy)

Very hungry, domesticated and eager sparrows await a careless cafe's client, or a sucker like me, who's willing to give them the cookie I got with cappuccino (and yes, they have no problem eating from hands):

Bonus photo - I visited Italy (Padova, Verona, Mantova and Sirmione) last weekend... too bad it was raining, but this lovely tiny town of Sirmione stole my heart. The view is supposed to show the Alps in the distance and Lago di Garda, but the clouds and rain were against us. However, it created its own weirdly amazing atmosphere:


Bathed in sun

I wish I was sunbathing as one of these flowers :)


Old and new


At the mechanics'

My car got several new parts today. Watching the process was a bit painful, but luckily I trust the guy, and I entertained myself by taking photos... this is probably the first time I've seen the engine (without the plastic covers) since I bought the car 2 years ago:


Bodies revealed

To go or not to go and see this exhibit? I'm still working on that dilemma:


Coat of arms

Zagreb's coat of arms, three towers, this time on a wall in the old town:


What an entrance



King Tomislav's square, as seen form a different angle:


Hide 'n' seek

Two kids are enjoying their game of hide and seek around the statue of one of Croatian greatest poets, Tin Ujevic in Varsavska street in the center:


Colorful flower market

Near the Cathedral, Zagreb boasts its colorful flower market, a part of our "central" and probably the largest open market in the city - Dolac:


Templar knight

A statue of a Templar knight in an exhibition:


Visiting Istria - Ave Cesar

I spent the last two days in Istria, the largest peninsula, located in the NW region of Croatia. Good thing I was there, because it was raining in Zagreb, while Istria greeted me yesterday with the setting sun, good food and good wine. Today's road trip around Istria led us to Pula, a town known for its amphitheater (called Arena). The first amphitheater was built in 1ct BC, but it was built to its nowadays size and look in the 1ct AD. I guess the Colosseum wasn't enough, so they build another one in this part of their empire:

To get a better idea of its size:

We've given up on Roman ship battles and gladiator fights ;-), but concerts and theater performances are regularly held here each summer.


Fake fish-eye view

Here's a fake fish-eye view of the King Tomislav's Square. It's fake because I didn't use a real fish-eye lens, but a Magic Filter on my new mini-digital camera:


View from above

I don't believe I've ever taken a photo of this park from this POV:

It's a park/square called Trg Kralja Tomislava (King Tomislav's Square) adjacent to the central railway station and the Art Pavilion.


Sunny disposition || Bonus photo series - some other lifetime - Seattle

This is an old photo I dug out, but it nicely depicts the weather on Easter Monday...

Bonus photo series - some other lifetime - Seattle

I've been doing major regrouping of my old photos. This of course meant I took the trip down memory lane and revisited all of the places I've been to, and the places where I lived. Here's my city #2 - Seattle, and its "trademark" in a way - salmon.

If you have never tried wild salmon from the northwest, you've never tried salmon! :)


The end of the day

Yesterday's sunset...


Clouded issue...

TV tower on top of Sljeme, hiding in the clouds:

On the other hand, the fortress Medvedgrad is enjoying early morning sunshine:


April Theme Day: Red

My brain almost turned into a knot thinking - "where am I going to find RED in this city?", "Zagreb's color is blue, where to find red anything....", and similar questions were whizzing in my brain and it went on and on.... and then it dawned on me. Duh! A typical Zagreb thing, found everywhere in the city, especially open markets, is "Sestinski kisobran" (umbrella/parasol from Sestine; Sestine is Zagreb's neighborhood). I believe I've already posted a few of these, but it doesn't matter, enjoy Zagreb's redness for the day:

After the touch of redness in Zagreb, make sure you click here to view thumbnails for all participants of the April's theme day.