Catch me if you can! Bonus trip photo: a small crab

My friend's son, enjoying a day out and playing soccer:

Bonus trip photo is once again from Pag. These crabs come out on the docks and rocks near the sea to munch on sea algae. They can grow bigger in size, but these are usually from 1cm (less than half an inch) in torso width to up to 4-5cm (up to 2in). Even though they easily get frightened by sudden movements, they get used to us being there, so it normal for them to come to our feet and check to see if they're food too. Luckily, the claws are too small to grab us properly...


Was Monet here? Bonus trip photo: sun or clouds?

You have to wonder if the random work of nature on the lake Jarun got some help from Monet with this one:

Bonus trip photo: stormy clouds were looming over us this evening on Pag, but the sun was working hard to show us another glorious sunset. The sun didn't win in the end, at least not until the next morning...


Row, row, row your boat....

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Jarun lake again, this one with girls and boys working on their rowing skills...

PS. Is anyone else having problems commenting on other people's posts?! I can't comment for the second day now (getting weird errors)... :(


"Arena"... Bonus photo: macro world of a busy bee

A year old Arena, a place for sport matches and concerts:

Bonus photo - a busy bee:

Camera used for both photos is Sony DSC-H9...


Zagreb's "sea" - Jarun... bonus trip photo: Adriatic sea

Even though Zagreb is in the continental part of Croatia, we do have our sea. Technically, it's a lake, called Jarun - used as a rowing center, night clubs and best parties, recreation, celebrations or family time. Pick your fun...

Water temperature in the lake is probably anywhere from 25-27C, which is almost as much as it is outside... there are no more swimmers, because they officially closed the swimming/beach season, so there are no life-guards. Judging by the way this guy was swimming, he definitely doesn't need one.

I finally downloaded photos from my Dad's camera I took on the island of Pag this summer, so here's the real Croatian sea:

Btw, the camera is non-dSLR Sony DSC-H9...


Say cheese!

It had to happen sometimes: me getting photographed (but also returning the favor):


At a conference...

I spent the whole day today at "Regional SAP BusinessObjects" conference. The setting was wonderful - in a restaurant, right at the entrance to the largest park in Zagreb, called Maksimir, which is also home to Zagreb's ZOO. The conference was a success, from interesting talks, to networking... Food and coffee were great too! ;-)

PS. This was taken by my Nokia N78...


And we're rollin'... rollin'...

Korina, having fun:

This was one of the top fun things to do at that playground. It beat all other things - swings, soccer, volleyball, slide,........ apparently simple things are enough to make kids occupied!


Mother's love... again...

This time, Sanja and her daughter:


Oil lamp... Bonus Vienna trip photo: slaying a dragon

A detail from Oro-goro pizzeria (see previous post): a lamp which uses petroleum... I remember my grandparents having a few of these in our holiday house in the mountains where the electricity would be unreliable during stormy weather.

Vienna and Zagreb have lots in common, and slaying dragon and snake-like creatures is one of them:


Textures... Bonus photo: Mother's love

Most of my afternoon today was spent at a pizzeria, Oro-goro, some 30min drive up north from Zagreb, in a village Oroslavlje. This pizzeria is getting more and more popular among people from Zagreb, not only because of incredibly good pizzas, but also because of a large playground kids can use while the adults spend time talking... The rustic style of the setting makes this a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Also, it creates many candid photo opportunities. :)

Very cool bar stools:

Small parts of tree trunks, used and children's chairs as well as toys (apparently, kids love to roll and push them around):

Bonus photo, Emina with her daughter:

PS. The photo was taken with Emina's consent, so please do not use/copy/post it without my permission!


Night opera.... Bonus Vienna trip photo: St. Stefan Cathedral

My cell phone's camera has been active lately, mostly because I don't get home until very late at night and never remember to grab my camera... So here it is, a bit grainy and blurry night shot with my cell of the Croatian National Theater building:

Probably the most notable part of Vienna - St. Stefan Cathedral (I can thank my wide angle lens for this photo!):


Watching over... Bonus Vienna trip photo: U-bahn

On the central square, our civil governor Josip Jelacic (1801-1859) is watching over us. He abolished slavery, and held the first elections for Croatian parliament:

U-bahn, Vienna's underground (also above the ground) is the most effective way to go around Vienna. Also very cheap. Our 72h ticket was only 15EUR and it was good for U-bahn, trams, buses...


Life is a cartoon... Bonus Vienna trip photo: wavy floor...

Yesterday evening I went out with a good friend of mine for a drink and to grab a bite. We somehow managed to find a table in a restaurant called Nocturno, with tables places in the middle of a tiny uphill street that leads to the Cathedral. There's barely enough room for large groups of tourists to pass by on each side. Also, we were the only people in the restaurant speaking Croatian (other than the waiters). It's a good place to eat tasty food for little money (a portion is around 5EUR-10EUR)...

The scene with so many tourists enjoying their meal outside reminded me of a promotional cartoon I've seen somewhere... I guess this time life imitated a cartoon:

PS. The photo was taken again with my cell phone and the cartoon filter was applied using photobucket cool editing tools.

Vienna's bonus photo today is continued form yesterday topic - I lied down on the floor in order to get this shot and unevenness of the floor inside KunstHaus Wien, a building just a few blocks from the Hundertwasser house:


Under the clock... Bonus Vienna trip photo: Drunks made this

For decades, people from Zagreb chose this particular clock at the city's central square (Jelacic plac) as the main meeting place. When someone in Zagreb tells you 'let's meet under the clock', there's no need to ask which clock. The only problem is that there are so many people under the clock e.g. on Fri/Sat evening, that it's hard to recognize whomever you're meeting with. This photo was taken around 9PM today with my cell phone...

Bonus trip photo this time comes from my 5-day visit to Vienna at the end of August. This is the famous 'Hundertwasser haus' which was built under the principle that everything natural should be left like that. The result is an incredibly fun house (set of houses actually), with broken tiles (if the tiles are broken, then obviously they should be left like that and normally used like any other), uneven floors... I bet that finding a furniture (even custom made) must be hell! And yes, in the end, it looks as if the construction company's hiring rule was to be a drunk... :)


Just another street light? Bonus trip photo - bimmer in the sun

Newly restored street lights in the Old town show their golden glory:

"RH" stands for "Republika Hrvatska" which is the official full name for Croatia (literate translation is Republic of Croatia).

Bonus trip photo is mostly for my male readers and some women who like nice cars as much as I do ;-) (it also means I ran out of my trip photos - the others are still on my dad's camera):


Oktogon... bonus trip photo: Sunset clouds

Oktogon is a name for the passage between Zagreb's longest street, Ilica (packed with boutiques and shops), and the "Flower square" (the real name of the square I believe is Petar Preradovic Square, but I could be wrong):

Most people forget to look up, and they're missing quite a bit. The central dome:


Bonus trip photo - taken a few moments before the lone boat photo in the previous post:


The path to an oasis of peace... bonus trip photo: lone boat

Right next to the Central train station, with thousands of people moving about daily, there is this oasis of peace, with a fountain, trees,... just some 50m away, the rush hour and people are bustling to get to work, from work, go shopping.....

The bonus trip photo for the day is a boat in the middle of the sea... again in the sunset. Local fishermen use tiny boats to catch some fish for themselves or if the weather doesn't permit them to use larger boats. It is also quite a popular boat for those who have a holiday house and like to fish, but don't want to pay huge amount of money for a boat in a marine, or even pay much attention to maintaining the boat:


70yo door & hallway... and trip bonus photo: waves

Although I'm getting closer to the newer parts of the city and further away from the center, every now and then I enter these buildings dating from (pre-)WW2 (they're in a larger circle around the center, as well as in the center). Quite often their hallways show a mixture of visible aging and high quality construction work. Most of these buildings have had their "facelift" done in the past decade, and one thing remains common to all of them: interesting wooden doors with random metal patterns covering their small glass parts. This one is in a building on the square next to the Central train station (Glavni kolodvor):


Bonus trip photo: waves crashing on the island of Pag in the sunset (right before a storm - we don't get such waves normally):


Ice crystals in the sky...

No, we haven't suddenly ended up in winter. As I was walking towards my parents' place today, I noticed a relatively rare atmospheric phenomenon, where on equal distance from the sun there are tiny "rainbows". This is not really a rainbow (because of the rain), but the ice crystals in the clouds reflect the sunlight in rainbow colors. The physics is the same as the real rain-caused rainbow...

Anyhow, I'm not sure how well my Nokia N78 was able to capture the colors, but hopefully you'll be able to catch at least a glimpse of it:

PS. It's that red and bright thingy above the left lamp post... :)


And the forecast for tomorrow is....

I'm back from my trips (Vienna, Austria and the island of Pag, Croatia) and finally connected. It's incredible how much lack of internet can make you appreciate 24h connection, as well as the lack of it! :)

Until I get new photos and organize some trip photos, here a photo of a very old meteorological spot (station?) in the center. I have to admit I never learned how to read it (all) - it's quite complicated, showing everything from temperature, pressure......... for today, the next day etc (also, all four sides of it are showing something). Maybe I should take more time to check it out.