Rowing path... Bonus trip photo: Velebit

I can't tell you the number of times I've been here. But it never seemed so big... long... you can barely spot the other side (end) of the lake straight ahead. It could be wide-angle lens optical illusion.......

Bonus trip photo - we went to our holiday house on Saturday for the weekend. This is yesterday's view from the island of Pag towards the coast and the longest mountain in Croatia, Velebit (145km long; 10-30km wide; highest point is @1757m):


Rainy day...

... as this one calls for grooming. If you have help from your mate, that's even better! Two crows, in front of my window:


Snowy top

Sljeme, still covered with snow and Medvedgrad fortress zoomed in from the lake:



This is what the walking/biking path looks like near the cafes (it's in the right part of the photo) - it's impossible to walk, bike or anything... some people love it and go there to see and be seen rather than doing something outrageous such as taking a jog/walk/.... :-)



Empty part of the walking/biking path around the lake (far away from any working night clubs & cafes)... it was pure joy taking this path...


Nap time


Can't get me here!

Zagreb has quite large and very active service of so-called "Spider" trucks which are used to impound cars parked wherever the parking isn't clearly marked and of course, give their owners a hefty fine. They're the joy of everyone whose passageway was blocked by a car, or are annoyed by slow/blocked traffic, and the terror for those who think they're above the law.

However, something tells me this Mini is safe from Spiders :):

It's parked above the entrance of one of the Jarun's night clubs, closed for the season.


A glorious day afterall

Today was beautiful, warm (~7C; 45F), sunny day... Most of the snow is gone from the city, but the lake is still partially frozen and you can see snow-covered hillsides of the mountain Medvednica. My parents and I took this opportunity to take a long walk around the whole lake Jarun (~8.5km; 5.3mi).


Golden statue...

... in front of the Cathedral:



... daily business in Zagreb's center requires a high post - this statue certainly has the best spot for that job. Perched on the roof of one of the buildings surrounding the central square, Jelacic plac:



... from the Cathedral's facade:


The entrance...

... to the Cathedral:


Some other time...

One of my very recent photos, but the two old trams and sepia mode bring me back to some other time... I have to remind myself this is not a scene from 15-20 years ago, but a month ago.

The photo was taken on Jelacic plac (officially, Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica), the central Zagreb's square.



An old, medieval-looking building (it might be dated around that era too, I'm not sure) and a wall next to the Cathedral. If you look closely through the branches, you'll see the clock from one of the previous posts.


Baby Jesus

A detail from the Cathedral's facade, baby Jesus:


Stairway to...

One of many paths/stairs connecting the Upper town with the center:


Palm trees

... of a different kind - lamps in the center of Zagreb have fascinated me ever since they installed them.


Roof detail

PS. We're once again completely covered in snow, with the whole shoveling-snow/stuck-in-traffic/car-crashes-all-over-the-city ordeal. Is this what living in Canada is like?


Walk on ice

... not quite, but the day I took the photo was cold and freezing and everyone's walk was brisk as if looking for a warm place. The place is Strossmayer's promenade, on the edge of the Old town, overlooking newer part of Zagreb.


What's the time?

I wish I could tell you the story behind this clock, but I found zero clues to what/why/..... the only thing certain is that it doesn't work :), but makes a helluva wall ornament. It's on a wall adjacent to the Cathedral:


The Cathedral, revealed

Give it a few more years, and we might see the whole Cathedral without scaffoldings and with wonderfully renovated facade:



The Cathedral, hiding...

PS. I'm going nuts, it's snowing... AGAIN! Pffffft!


Lotrscak tower

This is the first time I've really looked and seen the tower from this side - standing behind it on a "lawn".


Aliens have landed

What do you think? Have aliens landed in Zagreb's center? Should I call Mulder & Scully? :)

It's the architects going wild and crazy - they built the "sculpture"/"exhibition room"/something to advertise their exhibition. Intriguing, new and very unusual... I love it! :)



As seen from the Upper town, looking towards the Cathedral and another old part of the city - Kaptol.


A perfect day...

... to sit down on a bench and relax while watching Zagreb panorama...

This is a statue of Antun G. Matos, a famous Croatian writer/poet... it is said he loved coming here and watching (at that time quite different) panoramic view of Zagreb.

PS. I finally stopped digging through the old photos, the weather was just perfect (sunny) today for a long walk around the city with my camera! :)


February theme day: Wood - Didjeridu

Today, we're going to visit a land far far away from Croatia -> Australia! I have a piece of wood that I use as a sculpture, which was given to me as a present by my Melbourne-dwelling friend. The piece of wood is Didjeridu, or a (hand painted) Aboriginal instrument. The wood is hollowed out (from the inside out) by termites and cleaned to be then used as an instrument. I have never learned how to play it properly, but I can make sounds on it using my palm :).

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