Colorful mailbox

This photo was taken during my vacation a few weeks ago. I was visiting a friend in a town on the coast, called Sibenik. Narrow stone-paved streets revealed this colorful mailbox - a true and fantastic surprise!

Fixing a car...

... sometimes requires ingenuity. This guy figured out how to fix the car without the "pit":

Despite his ingenuity, I don't think I'd choose him as my new mechanic... :)


The beast series: revealing

It's a moth (or a butterfly, I'm not that good at insects because they terrify me)! :) This was a very brave moth, because I used my macro lens and took some of the first beast series photos with my camera pressing against it. It didn't seem to mind...


The beast series: Head


The beast series: part 3

I'm guessing now some of you know the answer...


The beast series: part 2


The beast series: Hair

Yes, I'm finally back! Vacation is over, the tan is already vanishing a bit, and this beast greeted me on my balcony after the trip:

Care to guess what this beast is? :)