Time machine: I'm seeing red

... well, not really :-D, I'm actually in a great mood today ;-). The bright red parasols/umbrellas with characteristic horizontal lines you already saw in a few of the Time machine series were a part of the folklore uniforms from Zagreb's neighborhood Sestine. They were quite regularly used until the 1920s. Now they're a part of Zagreb's open markets as parasols, or any public event. Souvenir shops are full of tiny ceramic umbrellas, but also real ones.

A few more photos from the Time machine event:

Daily open market Dolac in the center of the city:

Flower market next to the Dolac market:


  1. I love the shot of the open market - the plums look so yummy.

  2. @ Jaca - I don't think they're yummy, they look too nice... ;-) I bought 1/2kg the other day from an old lady at the open market close to my apartment... they looked absolutely terrible, but melted in the mouth - no pesticides, mass production or anything... yum! :)

  3. Mirela, I like the first shot best.

  4. Delicious photos - what could be better than a farmer's market! Love the red umbrellas!