Today's and bonus photos...

Since I'm leaving on a short trip to Barcelona tomorrow, here are extra Zagreb photos for each day I'll be gone. New photos are coming on Monday! :)

Today's photo - probably one of the most photographed and recognizable spots (opposite of the train station) in Zagreb... Art's pavilion in the background and the equestrian statue with Croatian first king Tomislav (925AD) on the horse:

Thursday's photo - a detail on an old building in Radiceva street:

Friday's photo - arcades as an entrance to Zagreb's main cemetery, Mirogoj:

Saturday's photo - a gargoyle on Zagreb's Cathedral (finished in 1217AD):

Sunday's photo - inside the Cathedral:

An extra bonus photo - Croatian National Theater (1895):


  1. This really looks like a wonderful place. You have taken some really great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a nice time away.

  2. Hello Mirela!
    We're really happy to see city daily blog from Zagreb! We're sure that you'll post fantastic photos (like these in current post) from your wonderful city. Hvala!:)

    Greetings from Poland!

  3. Those are beautiful photos from a beautiful city :)

    The cathedral looks stunning!

    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

  4. Thanks all! Now I just need to get that camera working... ;-)

  5. The Cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 19th century. This is not the cathedral from 1217 AD ;-)

  6. @Anonymus - no, the cathedral was almost completely destroyed by the Tatars in 1242, and then rebuilt by 1350s in gothic style. The earthquake in 1880 didn't destroy the cathedral fully, just the ceiling, the bell tower and crushed the original altar. *They* were rebuilt in neogothic style following Bolle's blueprints. in the 19th ct.

  7. I showed my 88 year old father your pictures and he said he was confirmed in the Cathedral. Your post allowed me to learn something new about him. Thank you.