Heritage || Bonus trip photo: Bikes!

This old house is considered a historical heritage, and no-one is allowed to build anything on its land or change it. While these types of houses can still be seen in villages near Zagreb, this one is probably unique in the city suburbs (on the mountain hillsides):

Bonus trip photo: Bikes!

First of all, sorry about my silence, I've been traveling quite a bit and most of the photos were uploaded using the scheduler.

My latest travel took me to Groningen, the Netherlands (by car, cca 1400km one way), where I lived for 2.5 years. Groningen is truly a city made for bikes, and Groningen's CS (main train station) has a huge bike parking lot right in front of it.


  1. Gosh, if they don't trim those vines soon, there'll be nothing left to see of the house!

    The bike stand reminds me of Tokyo. :)

    Hope you had a great trip! And I hope it was holiday travel too, and not work.

  2. @Hilda - the leaves on the house seem to be OK, they usually disappear during the summer because of heat and then grow again in the spring... it's a constant oscillation :). The trips were mostly pleasure, except the one to Groningen - that was both.

  3. Sounds like you had a good time. I certainly wish our local governments tried to make our cities more bike-friendly! There are have been some changes for the better, but we've got a long way to go!