November theme day: Public transportation - Funicular

Probably the shortest public transportation line in whole Croatia, but much loved by locals and visitors alike - Zagreb's funicular saves you a lot of step climbing and connects the lower part of the city to the Upper/Old town. The whole ride lasts full 30-40 seconds :) :

Now go on and check out other public transportation offered around the world! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.


  1. i would love to take a ride sometime.
    nice shot! ^0^

  2. Reminds me the old "incline" in Cincinnati, OH, USA that would take you up to charming old Mount Adams with old town houses, Rookwood pottery, a band shell, and a bit of a walk to the Art Museum.
    Steve, in sunny chilly Chicago

  3. Looks very fun - perfect to take 3 daughters on for a short ride!

  4. Great Theme Day post--brilliant idea to save people those stairs. Mine is up on November 1 at Portland Oregon Daily Photo; it’s a photo that I took on the Portland, Oregon, MAX Light Rail last Saturday.