Christmas Eve...

All is ready for the Xmas Eve in my home:

A typical Xmas Eve (day) here usually starts with a normal stress amount, getting everything ready, decorating the tree, cleaning the house, making lunch/dinner. The main traditional meal of the day is cod fish, usually cooked with potatoes (a row of potato slices, a row of cod fish, and it repeats several times) in olive oil, garlic, white wine and a bit of fresh parsley. Appetizer is either tuna pate or, this year, I made cod fish pate served with warm bread that was baked a bit in the oven right before the serving, and my parents made octopus salad. Xmas is usually spent with family and close friends.

How do you celebrate/get ready for holidays if you celebrate Xmas/Hannukah/New Year?

Happy holidays!

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