Fashion, art, or just plain craziness? || Bonus photo: Hvar - a daily dose...

I'll leave it up to the reader to decide their take on this:

They cost 1200EUR (US $1650)... Would you buy/wear them or like to see your girlfriend/wife wearing them?

Bonus photo: mid-day view of town Hvar, on the Hvar island, nearby islands...:

This is the same POV as yesterday's sunset.


  1. Not my shoe style, but I still wonder how can women walk on those? Beautiful view of Hvar Island.

  2. Wow, and I thought that these were bad. I'd rather spend that amount of money on a new lens! :)

    Hvar is beautiful; been there.

  3. P.S. Just realized that the heel is a spine! Imagine what these shoes DO to your spine!

  4. I vote "Crazy" on the shoes. But, your view is gorgeous!

  5. I've only seen one transsexual wearing shoes with similar height in Seattle. That's about it... I'd never wear anything close to that (height or looks).