Is it supposed to be a human? A seal? Or something else? Here's a sculpture in Tkalciceva street:


  1. Hi Mirela - nice to hear from you!

    I think this is a very strange mother and child! A funky sculpture for sure!

    Re your question on Cedar Key: Coconuts is the name of the bar...they sponsor sunset (and other) cruises in the Gulf of Mexico waters around Cedar Key.

  2. I makes me think of the crazy way some people sleep. The funny ways they twist in the middle of the night.

  3. @Jacob - you see a child? Hmm, funny how brains don't process the same info exactly the same way. At first (seeing it in the street) I thought it was a walrus or similar, but now I see only a funny twisted woman, as Randy. Btw, those cruises sure sound fantastic!
    @Randy - I only realized that after I saw its photo...