Stone gate iron lace work

The Stone Gate used to be one of the entrances through the defense system around Gradec (Old town). It was built in the 13th Century, but got its nowadays look in mid 18th ct. It's the last entrance gate remaining...

A fire in 1731 destroyed large part of Zagreb, including the Stone gate and all the houses surrounding it. However, there was a painting of Mother Mary and Lord Jesus in the Stone Gate in Zagreb that remained undamaged. It was believed to be a miracle. Nowadays, there's a iron lace work fence in front of the painting and the whole Stone gate passage is used as a small sanctuary, with people lighting candles and saying prayers.


  1. That is an amazing story and I agree that it is a miracle. Gorgeous wrought iron gate! Can you stick your camera in to take a photo of the saved painting?

  2. The ironwork is magnificent! It seems to be a dying art form unfortunately!