Can't get me here!

Zagreb has quite large and very active service of so-called "Spider" trucks which are used to impound cars parked wherever the parking isn't clearly marked and of course, give their owners a hefty fine. They're the joy of everyone whose passageway was blocked by a car, or are annoyed by slow/blocked traffic, and the terror for those who think they're above the law.

However, something tells me this Mini is safe from Spiders :):

It's parked above the entrance of one of the Jarun's night clubs, closed for the season.


  1. Cool shot, Mirela! I'd like to see one of those Spider trucks try to haul this away! But the car must have some sort of advertising purpose...right?

  2. @Jacob - yup, it's an advertisement. I'm not sure why they chose this place to advertise the company (written on the Mini's door) - Tomic & co. Maybe Tomic is the owner of the night club...

  3. Well, it certainly catches your attention, doesn't it? ;-)