Roof detail

PS. We're once again completely covered in snow, with the whole shoveling-snow/stuck-in-traffic/car-crashes-all-over-the-city ordeal. Is this what living in Canada is like?


  1. Mirela, I love your image but couldn't help laughing reading your comment since we are in the same circumstances right now. Snow is everywhere!

  2. Well, for the past couple of days, it's what it's like living anywhere on the east coast of the U.S. north of the Carolinas! Those folks have gotten hammered and it's still snowing.

    I like the photo a lot; like they say, the devil's in the details. And these are great!

  3. this is exactly what I was asking yesterday on facebook: are we living in Canada or Siberia or something?! but I rather have this huge amount of snow than a snowless winter. the onlu thing that for sure I won't like is the melting snow and the huge pools in the streets...

  4. Yes, that is now the life of a person living in Canada. We Americans are exactly the same. No more the waterlust in us but the feeling of being tied down to jobs, making car payments, buying groceries and shoveling snow. And, to tease your sense of art, culture and pride, a dose of photography.

    And, that roof is much too pretty to be covered up under snow so the designers had a good idea and make it curved so the snow would just slide off. No shoveling required.

    Canada could lead the world in this - they need to come up with roads that are curved so the snow just slides off and market cars that stick on curved roads and that way put the auto body people out of work.

  5. It's gorgeous and it reminds me of the Theater building in Prague.

    As to the azulejos (tiles), portuguese have learnt it from the Moorish who lived here until the 12th century.