A glorious day afterall

Today was beautiful, warm (~7C; 45F), sunny day... Most of the snow is gone from the city, but the lake is still partially frozen and you can see snow-covered hillsides of the mountain Medvednica. My parents and I took this opportunity to take a long walk around the whole lake Jarun (~8.5km; 5.3mi).


  1. Lovely weather, beautiful place! I like shades of blue:)

  2. It is a lovely photo. The lake is nice and in the distance it looks like a series of apartments or businesses. A nice shot with the hill or mountain in the background.

  3. A truly gorgeous sight and I'm sure you enjoyed that relatively warm weather!

    Re: your comment on Cedar Key DP - no crocodiles or alligators to worry about here.

  4. Thanks all :)

    @ Abe - it's a series of new residential buildings.

    @ Jacob - :-))) good to hear that. It was wonderful... I missed the sunshine.