In my dreams...

... I'm right here, on the island of Pag, enjoying the view and light breeze on my skin...

... in my reality, I'm here:

... well, almost there. :) This is a part of the company I work in (this part is hot dip galvanization factory). Luckily, I'm nicely tucked behind my computer in a comfy office, in a building some 20km away from the galvanization plant in the photo. However, it was cool visiting the plant, watching the process and learning all about it. Btw, the photo was taken with my Nokia N78.


  1. Very cool post! :-) And both shots are wonderful!

  2. That first shot is stunning - the muted colors in the sky and the bright white light shimmering on the water! Fantastic.

    The second is quite interesting, too. And I think it's good for employees to have a first-hand look at what really goes on in their place of business!