Although I'm not a fan of bikes at all (I love cars tho!), this one caught my eye on a parking lot of the company I work in. Don't be fooled, this chopper isn't Harley, it's a Honda. Having a Japanese chopper just sounds weird to me, doesn't it? Or maybe in today's world the Japanese have taken over Harleys in the race? They've already done that in car business - I hate to admit it, but my previous car, Japanese-made Mazda 6 ('03) had higher quality built - esp. the electronic parts, than my German-made BMW3 ('07) I have now... the Japanese have yet to get the addictive quality when driving a Bimmer, but... does anyone know about bikes? What's it like in your country? Who's winning the bike/car race there? I know Toyotas were highly recommended and quite overpriced in the US, but I'm guessing their Blue Book value plummeted now.

In any case, I'm impressed by the artwork on the chopper...


  1. Not often you see a Honda decked out like that in the States. Harley Davidson's still rule here...and in Florida we are treated to thousands of them rolling down the highways several times a year...Daytona has it's big bike week twice annually and other cities also have bike weeks.

    I had a small Honda once. Would love a Harley but will probably never get one. At my age, a golf cart is the best I can do!

  2. The bike looks gorgeous, art work and all. Great find. I don't know much about bikes but in Romania the European cars (VW, Renault) are clearly ruling the market.