March theme day: Passageway

First one, a hallway at my workplace, right in front of my office. The cone was there to avoid two broken tiles (photo taken with my Nokia N78):

Bonus March theme day photo - from the island of Pag (Olympus E-500, wide angle lens, taken on Saturday)... This is a path along the coast, all covered with saffron flowers:

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  1. They are both super theme day shots. Re: the first one...I'd probably trip over the cone and break my nose!

    The second shot is wonderful...such a beautiful flower bursting into life in the middle of the path. It's a wonder it hasn't been trampled down yet!

  2. I couldn't take my eyes off the first photo; it's an excellent realisation of the theme! But then, then the second photo - glorious! Very well done!!

  3. @Jacob - Thanks! I've almost tripped over the cone at least 5 times per day (it was there for a week)... Re the flowers - there's no one there, it's a "holiday village", meaning there are no local people, just people who come there for holidays to their holiday houses.

    @Buck - thanks! :)