Fire in a classroom's corner and glagolitic alphabet

Another detail from another classroom:

Although this painted wall is interesting, I wonder if it causes pupils to be a bit more aggressive than usual because of the fire's image influence on their subconsciousness...

Btw, the weird script below the white board is so-called glagoljica or Glagolitic alphabet (don't mix it with Cyrillic), dating from around 9th century AD, and is the oldest known Slavic alphabet. Latin alphabet prevailed later on, and around 19th century, Glagolitic alphabet was made obsolete (it was officially made obsolete long before that, but it hung on here and there).

Just in case you were wondering, my name, Mirela, in Glagolitic, looks like this:


  1. Really cool post. Thanks for the info. I love the characters of the alphabet.

  2. Do many still learn this ancient language?

  3. @Mo - the language is almost the same (well, you have to take into account centuries of normal language evolution), it's the alphabet that has changed.

    @NYC & Luis - thanks! :)