Zagreb bus || Bonus trip photo: all roads lead to Rome

Nicely painted bus, the link and company I've never heard of and confused people coming out of it:

Bonus trip photo: all roads lead to Rome (or as Italians would put it - tutte le strade portano a Roma)... just in case you wondered where the new Zagreb photos were, I've been traveling, and this time, to Rome. Unlike the northern part of Italy which I've been to countless times, I've never been to Rome. Here's Fontana di Trevi:

The legend has it, if you throw one coin into the fountain, you'll come back to Rome. If you throw in the second coin, you'll fall in love with an Italian. If you throw in the third coin, you'll marry him/her... I threw in 3 coins... I'll let you know if the legend holds... :-)


  1. Nice! I'm traveling to Rome later this summer, after visiting my grandparents in Zadar. Good luck with the legend. =p

  2. Always a great place to photograph!

  3. Wonderful composition of the most famous fountain in the world! The colours are fantastic! I've heard it was illegal to throw coins now, but I see I was not well informed...

  4. @Luis - yup! :) Especially if you manage to squish between zillions of tourists and somehow exclude them from a photo.

    @NYC In Photographs - I recommend visiting Trastevere in the evening, it's my fav part of Rome. Will we see some Zadar photos on NYC CDBP? :)

    @JM - first news for me, it's full of coins, and even if it were legal, there's no way police would have a chance to do anything between numerous tourists :)

  5. Thank you for the recommendation and most definitely!

  6. The bus is interesting...and you've never heard of that link? My neither, but I've never been to Zagreb! ;-)

    Rome, ah Roma. I was there when in the US Navy in 1957...threw a coin in the fountain of which you speak (and picture) but I've not been back...unfortunately!

    Good luck with your three coins.