June Theme Day: Funny signs

The photo was taken a few years ago on one of the islands near Dubrovnik:

As you can see, we like to keep our tourists awake, alert and on toes... :) lost too... they tend to spend more if they're lost. ;-D

Bonus photo is from my second favorite city in the world - Seattle, and its famous "Curiosity shop". This has got to be the coolest warning sign for shoplifters:

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  1. You must not have much crime there.

  2. These are both super! I'm not sure the first one would have much effect with some folks around here - they can't read signs that have actual words printed on them!

  3. I love the blank sign - no need to know where you're going if you're going that way :))

  4. These are just great, both of them! :-)))

  5. Wow, they are both perfect!