I should swim...

... all other birds are doing it!

After a few steps in the water, the crow decided swimming was for ducks and swans. :)


  1. On a cold day, I don't blame him! Great shot.

  2. This would not be a crow in Australia. It has the beak of a crow but ours are totally black, maybe with a blue burnish. This is more like a Butcher Bird, but then the beak is not quite right.

  3. @Julie - we have a completely black version that you described - raven, but they are very rare sight in the city. This is definitely a crow - to be precise, "hooded crow" native to Europe. It's fun to watch them... they're highly intelligent - I've seen them teasing local cats, breaking nut shells by throwing them onto streets just in front of cars and waiting to see if they get crushed :).... as for the Butcher Bird, I had to google it, they're native to Australasia, and I've never seen anything like it here...

  4. Interesting creatures, indeed...