Swan lake with a twist

Last night I went to see Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, in production of Russian St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet. Yup, you read it correctly, it's all on ice, it wasn't just the usual ballet. Skaters range from previous Russian Olympic gold medal winners to artists who started skating/training at the age of three. As it could have been expected, they were magnificent and costumes were incredibly elaborate (considering the fact they had to skate in them):

On the other hand, I have never seen worse organization of any concert ever, anywhere in the world than the last night. :(


  1. @Luis - the company in Croatia did the record-breaking terrible organization (I'd fire everyone in that company immediately)... I was feeling bad for the Ballet members... but as I said, the ice-ballet was fantastic! :)

  2. I'm surprised that it wasn't good just based on the costumes and scenery! All 3 of our daughters take ballet classes - I want to show them some ballet shows! I saw Swan Lake at the Semper Opera House in Dresden back in 1987!

  3. @Leif - the ballet was wonderful, but the company which organized the event in Zagreb failed completely - parking places were gone 40min before the show and they let people just wait for 20min before anyone bothered to tell us to find another place to park; the whole event took place in, to me, a completely inappropriate environment (a sports hall that needs serious renovating); the ice was too low, so people who were in the lowest part couldn't see a thing,..... as I already wrote, I'd never allow this company to organize any event any more. I'd love to see the ballet on ice again where I could enjoy solely the performance.