Snow Queen

Two slalom races (part of FIS Alpine Skiing ) are held in Zagreb each year. The event is called Snow Queen Trophy. This is a relatively new event, and quite surprising to most, especially seeing how Zagreb has nothing to do with the Alps :). It all started several years ago, when Janica Kostelić was winning race after race after race... the race now is one of the favorites to all skiers because of the atmosphere and loved by Zagreb people. We cheer all of the skiers, regardless of where they're coming from, it's party party party, the event is phenomenal and the organization is unbelievably good.

This year I started looking for Snow Queen Trophy tickets too late and ended up finding "sold out" signs only :(. However, I have been to the race last year, so here are the photos of the last year's event (at -18C):

Yup, this is a helicopter flying upside-down (!!!):


  1. The old photos look as good as any new ones. I am guessing, of course, and the helicopter flying upside down is different. Nice shots.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Good action shots! Enjoy the winter and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. It will be great to watch Race, i have bought tickets from TicketFront.com looking forward to it.