Got crumbs? || Bonus photo: Sirmione's view of the Alps (Italy)

Very hungry, domesticated and eager sparrows await a careless cafe's client, or a sucker like me, who's willing to give them the cookie I got with cappuccino (and yes, they have no problem eating from hands):

Bonus photo - I visited Italy (Padova, Verona, Mantova and Sirmione) last weekend... too bad it was raining, but this lovely tiny town of Sirmione stole my heart. The view is supposed to show the Alps in the distance and Lago di Garda, but the clouds and rain were against us. However, it created its own weirdly amazing atmosphere:


  1. A truly glorious composition...looks like some old ruins. Love the steps, the color of the water and the atmospheric aura that washes over the sea!

    Those birds are too cute. I don't think I've ever seen sparrows eat out of a human's hands!

  2. The one of Sirmione looks amazing. The clouds add to the mood as well.

  3. The sparrow shot is so cool and the bonus shot is just wonderful! The place looks fantastic even under bad weather.