Visiting Istria - Ave Cesar

I spent the last two days in Istria, the largest peninsula, located in the NW region of Croatia. Good thing I was there, because it was raining in Zagreb, while Istria greeted me yesterday with the setting sun, good food and good wine. Today's road trip around Istria led us to Pula, a town known for its amphitheater (called Arena). The first amphitheater was built in 1ct BC, but it was built to its nowadays size and look in the 1ct AD. I guess the Colosseum wasn't enough, so they build another one in this part of their empire:

To get a better idea of its size:

We've given up on Roman ship battles and gladiator fights ;-), but concerts and theater performances are regularly held here each summer.


  1. These are wonderful shots of a beautiful place.

  2. Fantastic! Listening to a concert here must be awesome. Now why does the name Pula sound so familiar… sigh, off to Google.

  3. What a challenge to photograph, but you have captured the light so very well in that first image. That is the sort of shoot that I come away from with over 100 images. *groan*