Misty river?

I took the opportunity of sunny but cold (below freezing) morning to go on a small photo shoot session around the newer part of Zagreb.

Along its length, Zagreb is divided into 2 parts by the river Sava. The river is relatively shallow and relatively narrow so the transport over the river hasn't developed and is focused on bridges.

Whenever the temperatures in the morning drop below zero, because the temperature of the river is close to 20C, there's quite a lot of "steam" rising from it. Also, the strip along the river is usually quite foggy, unlike the rest of Zagreb. This image was taken from the "middle" bridge. In the distance there should be one more bridge visible, but the fog completely covered it.

Also, you can see a large area next to the river - it's a part of the flood prevention system which includes the levvies on each side of the river as well as a few large canals in the event of high water levels.


  1. WOW! Misty river indeed! Fantastic!

    By the way, Mirela, I posted 2 shots of the church you asked for. :-) Bad quality pics but you can have an idea of the place.

  2. In some ways, this is very eerie, or mystical. It's a wonderful photo. I very much like foggy photographs!

  3. It's a wonderful photograph, really superb. It always amazes me that it's warmer near large bodies. Here, in cold weather, the closer we are to the Gulf of Mexico, the warmer it is.

  4. I love fog too. It creates a special atmosphere in a photo...