Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

EDITED (thanks to SP guru Cristobal :)): The title used to be Respect My Authority, but I changed it to fit Stan. I didn't know if this graffiti was Cartman (too thin to be him?) or Stan which caused title confusion. Either way it made me laugh when I saw it:


  1. It is Stan (take it from someone who "stills" watch South Park).

  2. Whatever else you can say about people who draw on other people's walls, some of them are rather creative.

  3. @ Cristobal - :)) thnx!
    @ Jacob - I don't mind graffiti on this wall, esp. this well done - the wall is not a historical monument, or even a building. It's a concrete support of a part of the Sava's levy.

  4. Perfect place for graffiti. There has been an ongoing thread on an old post of Sean's Zurich blog about the value or otherwise of graffiti.

    i wonder what can first here, the graffiti or the vine?