Alone on a busy path... Bonus trip photo: a bird (Willow warbler)!

Have you ever noticed how people walk/show up in "waves"? My friend and I were walking around Jarun during a sunny and warm weekend mid-day and somehow ended up in this "vacuum" spot without people, and with all the action and numerous people further away from us:

Bonus trip photo was taken on Pag. This little bird landed on our fig tree and feasted on ripe figs. I haven't seen it before - we usually get 4-6 pairs of finches with chicks and have a "domestic" pair of chickadees who have a nest each year under our roof tiles (their offspring sticks around too, so now it's adding up to about 10 of them). Does anyone have an idea what this bird might be? Judging by its beak, I would say insects are its primary food source... I haven't heard it sing or chirp... it's around 5-10cm long (1.5-3.5in).

EDIT: Abe solved the mystery, it's a Willow Warbler. Thanks to Google, Croatian name for this bird is Brezov zviždak (I have no idea how people lived without Google!).


  1. Don't know about the bird, but I have noticed the phenomenon of people showing up in waves...that's especially true on our freeways and turnpikes...you can drive for miles without encountering another car and all of sudden you're inundated with vehicles coming in both directions.

    Nice photo composition with the blue bridge and the "hordes" in the distance.

  2. I like the bridge and think the bird is a warbler but which exact one I am not sure.

  3. @ Abe - you're right, I googled it, and judging by the photos, it's a Willow Warbler (http://www.naturephoto-cz.com/willow-warbler:phylloscopus-trochilus-photo-9370.html)! :) Thanks! Now if only I knew its name in my language...