Forest texture...


  1. I like the like "growth" and the scattering of leaves. Just not keen on the over-exposure down the LHS. What is the lime growth?

  2. I have never seen so much moss in one place. Things there must be perfect for this kind of performance.

  3. @Abraham - this amount of moss is very common in our forests...

    @In Three Rivers - I thought the same thing! :)

    @Julie - yup, I don't like the over-exposure, but this is one of the take-it-immediately-and-run-after-parents situations, so I had no time to think about anything. I snapped another one though from the opposite side, but the moss wasn't so plentiful on that side, and it looks... well.. bleah...

    As for the lime growth, I have no idea what that is. Hint? Help? Explanation? :)