Bilingual names of streets and squares

The Old town has recently become richer for extra signs similar to those we had during Austrian-Hungarian empire rule. They're bilingual, with the top name in old Croatian, and the lower in German:


  1. What a joy this is to see and to know. It is so reassuring to hear people reclaiming a multifaceted past. Especially in the case of language. Your photographs show a font and a palette that is very respectful of things that are aged. I like this very much.

  2. I like them, but don't know enough history to understand fully their significance. Very nice, whatever.

  3. To be honest, we fought them to be free and really hated being under their power. But, right now, it's a part of our history, and looking back we did OK, it was certainly a better of two evils (e.g. Serbia and Bosnia were under Turkish empire). Zagreb is quite particular in this quiet respect for Germans, and German/Austrian bits of culture and even language (now it's a part of typical Zagreb slang) are completely integrated in this region of Croatia. In any case, I like these signs, they fit well with the renovated old and beautiful facades of the Old town...