Trakoscan castle

Last weekend my Dad and I took my Mom to the Trakoscan castle. She's never been there, even though it's only an 1hr drive north of Zagreb. This castle was originally built in 13th ct. and has recently been completely renovated. It makes a great half-a-day outing for people from Zagreb to get away from city life - other than history lesson and museum visit, there are cafes, pedal-boats for rent on the lake right below the castle, and somewhere around 30km of walking/mountain biking path around the lake.


  1. Beautifull castle a very nice photo blog. You have some pictures that likes a lizard. I put another day on lizard in my photo blog. They are frendly too, but different.
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    Paulo Camacho

  2. Looks beautiful! The last photo in particular is stunning! Great shots, well done.

  3. Your photography is outstanding! You show off well the attractiveness of this castle. I would very much like to spend a day there experiencing all it has to offer.


  4. The castle looks beautiful, plus it was day meant to enjoy outside. The sky looks very bright and clear.

  5. Fantastic photography. A place I have always wanted to visit and now have moved it up on my list.... latest by end of year. Really nice!!!!