Frogs, funiculars and emptiness

Today's photo:

Don't ask me what that's supposed to represent... :)

Because I might not be able to go online over the weekend, here are two extra photos:

A small funicular in the center:

And yes, the city is still empty:


  1. Looks like a wonderful city! Why is it still empty - the August "recess"?

  2. Great photos! All of them! Beautiful places!

  3. Love that first one. I like stuff that sometimes is there and just makes me laugh. I will be in France next week. I've heard it it may be empty too.

  4. Enjoy the weekend :) How I wish the city can be empty now... and of course with good weather.

  5. Thank you all :). I've had a wonderful weekend!

    @Jacob - the whole Croatia moves to the coast for summer vacation. Peak of the season is always 15th July - 15th August, also, when it comes to Zagreb, it has a large student body population who go home after their exams (beginning of July). It's weird when I can reach the other part of the city within 15mins, but I like it. The usual rush subsides a bit and there's more time to enjoy the city...