Slaying a dragon...

As I mentioned already, there are quite a few statues in Zagreb with brave men fighting&slaying snakes, dragons and other creatures.

When it comes to slaying a dragon, this has roots in old Slavic mythology. As much as a dragon represents "evil", it is also a life's necessity and a foreteller of something good to come. After reading stories about dragons it is easy to see parallels with the usual human behavior - from strength, viciousness, to kindness (e.g. if someone helps the dragon or its offspring).

In one of the stories, it is stated you had to kill a dragon in order to have spring and to get things growing/green again after a harsh winter.

This statue is in front of the Stone gate, the entrance to the Old town:


  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful city! And thanks for that bit of history/information re: dragons and dragon slayers. I didn't know that.

    Both of these pictures are very well composed; the colors are superb.


  2. Wonderful sculpture and great photo of it - particularly the top photo. Kill the dragon! Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  3. Excellent second angle! And great description!

  4. In some cultures are dragons, in others it is humans, in others a bird. It is interesting to see those patterns of cosmic balance myths and sacrifice in world cultures.

  5. Thanks all!

    @ Cristobal - I remember only a bit of these stories, as I read them when I was little. There were numerous children books and I had all of them. When I took these photos I had the intention of rereading a few of them, but unfortunately, they were among the bunch of stuff we lost in war... :(

  6. Love the 2nd shot! Great composition!