New among old...

A modern-style Hotel Dubrovnik in the center of Zagreb is squished between older-style buildings...

PS. I will be offline (or stuck with a terrible signal for mobile internet) for the better part of the next 2 weeks... I'll do my best to post a photo or two whenever I can.


  1. Amazing building! I like the curved blue glass of it. I was wondering where the old buildings were, until I noticed the reflection in the second photo.

    Have a safe and good trip!

  2. One of my favourite kinds of photos - finding something that's not obvious in the shot. Have a great time away, I know how challenging it is to find a connection.

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  3. That is an incredible building. And yes, very modern. And unusual. Great photos!

  4. I too know what it is to be unable to participate as per normal due to no connection.

    This is a stunning pair of images: I really appreciate the second one even more when I see the longer shot.