State archives and owls...

This is a building of what used to be National University Library, but is now the main Croatia state archives. The building dates back to 1913 and represents a piece of work by Rudolf Lubynski (early secession style):

The owls overlook the surroundings from each corner of the roof:

This building is right across the Botanical garden and is open for visits. Of course, there's a virtual walk as well.


  1. The building is so huge and massive! Beautiful! I like also the owls:)

  2. It's magnificent! And how very fitting to have Athena's owls watching over what used to be a library.

  3. What a powerful shot! The building looks huge and wonderful! Also like the owl detail a lot!

  4. @ Hilda - yup, just in case anyone missed there's wisdom in there, there are the owls :).

    @ m_m & JM - the building is 80m in length, and 40m width, so it's a decent sized building... I guess the wide-angle lens helps the large-building feeling too.