Ghosts... Bonus trip photo: Alone

Finally, real winter is showing its presence. Temperatures have finally dropped from 15-20C to around freezing point. Omnipresent fog lasting until noon or longer doesn't allow us to enjoy otherwise cloudless days. Trees barely show their eerie presence through fog:

Bonus trip photo - a fountain in Schoenbrunn park in Vienna. There was quite a lot of mist in the air and the statue seemed sad and neglected, but somehow wonderful in its solitude:


  1. This looks lovely in a photograph, and probably would be acceptable to holiday in. BUT, not sure I could cope living in this greyness, day after day.

    There is a syndrome isn't there ...

  2. These are beautiful. Great images.

  3. @Julie - it's not foggy every day, we get these intervals during winter and the fog sticks to the residential areas near river/lake. Also, this was taken before 8AM so it was still quite dark outside. I'm sure you'd love it here :). I found out I get more bummed out by rain (as it is in the Netherlands), fog I can live through, especially when you get to enjoy a couple of hours of sunshine the same day.