December theme day: Waiting

... for the nightfall...

This evening showed us all the glory of a wonderful sunset and a promise of relatively clear and starry night:

The photo was taken a few hours ago from my parents' apartment balcony overlooking the lake Jarun.

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  1. such a beautiful scene. nice and peaceful for the theme day of waiting. I am glad you liked the snake on my site. I have never taken a photo of a snake with that much detail before. It is unusual!

  2. This is a wonderful photo. One thing I've found is that when the sun starts setting you can't wait very long or you'll miss it! It drops down out of sight behind the horizon very quickly!

  3. Nightfall is a wonderful to wait for and to experience. I love the grass heads that appear as silhouettes in your photograph, Mirela.

  4. Beautiful photo and very interesting interpretation!

  5. A lovely photo of WAITING for night to fall! Bravo on your theme day!