Yellow cuteness... Bonus trip photo: drunken house

One of the many emerging eco-properties/restaurants near Zagreb, providing home made food to die for and a nice change from the crazy city life. This one had a Croatian version of a petting ZOO, with these little fluffy ducklings eagerly awaiting a treat or two:

Bonus trip photo - when construction workers get drunk... This is Vienna's famous Hundertwasserhaus, following the principle of "natural" construction - no need to level anything, matching tiles are non-existent......... check out more of this great craziness on Wiki:


  1. Super cute little birdies! That building is fun, funny, crazy, weird!

  2. @Leif - you should see the buildings inside! Completely crazy and quite difficult to walk around without looking down. :-)

  3. I like the outside of this building but the way ou describe the inside is not attractive.

    The line, the colour and the balconies are all attractive to me here.

  4. @Julie - I'm a type of person who likes simple lines with just touches of color when it comes to interior design. However, these buildings are just wonderful.. yes, nothing matches, broken tiles were just put on the wall as if nothing happened, but somehow it all fits. :) I'm not sure living in them would be wonderful (how do you buy furniture for uneven floors?!), but seeing it is a great experience.

  5. SO CUTE! :-)
    Love the Vienna building.