We've finally experienced real winter these past few days, with snowfall... not heavy, but enough to bring out those waterproof boots and fill up cars with -20C windshield fluid. Here's a scene from Tuskanac (while I was waiting for a bus tonight around 7PM), a part of the city that's just a few minutes walk from the very center, and yet hidden behind buildings. Already at the foothill of the mountain, it boasts its old residential buildings, villas and parks with an odd night club or two, a modern garage and a tiny old cinema.


  1. Being a Floridian, I shiver looking at a shot like this, even if it is quite beautiful!

  2. @ Jacob - :))) you'd definitely freeze this morning at -9C (15F)... yesterday wasn't so called, maybe around freezing.

  3. This is quite magical, although outside my experience. I have never experienced snow in an urban area.

    Today it was 40C in Sydney.