Slippery twirl

A small skating rink has been constructed on The Regent (Esplanade) hotel's terrace, much to everyone's enjoyment. There's cooked wine, cheesecakes, more cooked wine and if you had any doubts, even more cooked wine :). It was fun watching kids and grown-ups skate, twirl, fall while we were sipping very good cooked wine:

Again, the photos were taken with my Nokia N87 cell phone...


  1. I would enjoy this very much. Up until last year we had an artificial ice rink here in Ocala...but I guess it was too costly, as they don't do it anymore. It was up for a couple of months...our grandkids loved it. Nothing like ice skating when it's 75 degrees!

  2. A great disco skating rink outdoors! I can't wait to go ice skating on our neighborhood rink!

  3. Very good cooked wine, watching others doing the work and the falling sounds like my idea of fun, Mirela.

  4. @Julie - I love skating, but as you said, this was also fun :-)))

    @Leif - we have several large skating rinks where I usually go, but this was a great idea!

    @Jacob - 75F?!?!? And ice skating?! No wonder it was costly for them. It's around freezing here now, so this is not as costly...

  5. I would have great fun watching all the falls while drinking wine too! :-)