Lake Jarun rush hour

Do I even need to comment on this one? :)


  1. Rush hour it is. Beautiful photos! Also love the rainbow pics!

  2. Beautiful picture of the swans. It may not be the season for humans, but animals enjoy it.

    Oh, and you asked me about Christmas traditions in Chile... besides the two things I have showed you, Chileans celebrate Dec 24 rather than Dec 25. People usually go to Mass at 8pm, and after that, they have dinner with the extended family... some people go for the traditional turkey and pommes noisettes, others go for seafood and fish, while others who feel more informal and laid back may do a barbecue. We wait until 12am to do gift swapping, and after that children are allowed to go to the street to showcase their new gifts (though with technology and new hi-tech toys, they tend not to do it) while grownups stay up talking until late. Christmas day, then, it is a day to relax, and usually go to visit other relatives.