Sea? Bonus trip photo: Glorious Gloriette

Lake Jarun and its clear water is the closest I'll get to the real sea until next spring...

Bonus trip photo: our visit to Vienna during the advent was also filled with visits to the usual tourist spots. Palace Schoenbrunn's Gloriette is truly glorious (regardless of the fact I've seen it many times):


  1. It looks like such a nice beach to go wading along, though. And the Gloriette is glorious!
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. @In Three Rivers - it's a wonderful and long beach and as soon as I get better I'll take a walk with my camera - swans are back! :)

  3. Gosh that fountain sculpture if it is a fountain, is really beautiful stuff.

  4. The water looks so crisp... is Lake Jarun warm enough for swimming during summer?

  5. @Cristobal - more than warm. During July/August water temperature can reach up to 30C. We had some Russian tourist who swam in it in November, saying how "balmy" it was. The newscrew brought their thermometer and came up with a temperature around 15C.